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zeppole 2012, part 2

the monday following our previous week’s zeppole expedition i had a doctor’s appointment- nothing special, just a regular checkup.  long story short i discovered that the pre-screening nurse (i assume?  well health professional of some kind at least) is italian, and we ended up having a big zeppole conversation and i got the skinny on a few locations.  the first was a patisserie molisana on somerled in ndg.  the second was described to me as “you know that church on dante?  well, the folks go there for sunday services and then afterwards they head across the street for zeppole.”  okay, yes, this sounds exactly like what i am looking for.

these are the zeppoles you're looking for


oh very promising indeed.


the place is alati-caserta and they have quite a selection.

almond paste lambs




now i’m not normally much of a sweets person, but holy crap.


they had two kinds of zeppole, new-style and traditional.  new-style is deep-fried and filled with ricotta cream and adorned with a black cherry on top.  old-style is baked and filled with either custard or ricotta cream.  we opted for one of each, plus what i maturely dubbed “the green tit”, which was fluffy cake bread soaked in rum with a sugar glaze and cherry on top.

altogether too much desserts for two people


oh and obviously an almond paste lamb too, can’t let that one go unmolested.



overall i preferred the new-style zeppole, with its reassuringly stocky and crunchy exterior.  the ricotta cream is definitely the way to go.  my fellow zeppolian bridget preferred the old-style.  neither of us were too crazy about the custard version.  it became harder and harder to objectively judge the other desserts as we had collapsed into diabetic shock by that point.


$15 for all of the above.



277 Dante,
Little Italy, Montreal, Quebec,
Canada H2S 1K3


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