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Christmas is saved!


Chinese restaurant got our order wrong! Family XMas dinner almost ruined! But lo, Lithuanian smoked pig’s head saveth the day!

vodka pickle

the name of the thing is vodka pickle.  the thing is pickle in vodka.  vodka.  pickle.  pickle.  vodka.  vodka pickle.

i think the discovery of the vodka pickle goes back to early 2008, when my friend jeremy and i were out for “just one beer” and a “quiet night” over at cheval blanc, a fine local brewpub.  ok actually in fairness the quotes here are really unnecessary as the point really (honestly!) was to have just one or two beers then hit the hay.  so we went to cheval blanc, we sat at the bar, we ordered a beers, and we conversed.  then we watched in rapt attention as a waitress sliced open a pickle, prepared shots of vodka, placed said pickle slices in the vodka shots, gathered them on a tray and delivered them to a table.  rapt attention?  and utter bewilderment.

photo by Hamza Kubba

upon her return to the bar, i got the waitress’ attention and asked just what the fuck it was she just served to that table over there.  she smirked, shrugged, and offered “vodka pickle?”  so yeah of course we ordered a pair of shots.  and they were not the last.  if i recall correctly (and i can’t), i think the night ended in debauchery.

*1st runner-up for this article’s intro phrase: hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband, cuz they’re vodka picklin’ everybody out here.

Vodka Pickle

available at Cheval Blanc and easily home-concocted.

809 rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC



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