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why i love poulet bronzé, an on-going series 2012/09/25 edition

this is what happens when it’s 1am and you’re tired after a gig and need some comfort food.

this is literally all the fried chicken that was left at poulet bronzé.  and this is why i love the place.  it’s damned fine fried chicken (especially given that there aren’t that many good fried chicken options in montreal).  but the quality of the fried chicken alone is not what makes me love the place.

it’s when you stumble in 20mins before closing, the cashier is cleaning the counters, but, regardless they accommodate you and they literally give you all of the fried chicken they have, and tell you “i’ll make you a deal” that you know you’ve got something special.

i didn’t have time to take pictures of all the food before christopher cargnello and fredy v started chowing down.  but what makes this additionally amazing is that the cashier claimed that there were “not enough” pieces of chicken left so she piled on a bunch of chicken nuggets on top of the fries.  wtf, goddamn.  we ate it all anyway.

Poulet Bronzé

1622 Lincoln, Montréal, QCé/225017420841641

Open from around noon till around 2am every day

Price range: $10ish

Overall restaurant rating:


Best of Nomtréal: #2 Best Fried Chicken

Dish rating (fried chicken):



+ b.o.n. second-best fried chicken in montreal.  probably the best budget fried chicken in town.

+ late night deals possible


– gravy costs extra (buuuuut sometimes late night deals are possible!)

– fries really not so great

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pizzeria napoletana

after stuffing our faces with zeppole’s new and old, we looked around for food recommendations.  there was a group of folks milling outside of a nearby restaurant, which we just assumed were a group hanging out after having had an early dinner.  but we took a closer look.  and no, the group of about 40-or-so folks were waiting for a table.  80% on urbanspoon and my zeppole-companion bridget had been there before and had a fantastic meal.  sold.

Antipasto Salmone, $14-ish?

#41, Pizza Salumeria: mozzarella,champignon, sauce tomate, prosciutto, capicollo, saucisse italienne, piments rouges grillés, maybe $17?

#25, Pizza Genovese: pesto, dinde fumée, piments forts marinés, mozzarella, parmesan, tomates tranchées, maybe $14?

damn fine pizza.  worth the wait.  however, not mind-blowing, and bridget herself felt that this meal was not as good as the last time she ate here.  but look, they have 41 different kinds of pizza and a similarly numerous pasta selection so, you know.


the three of us were stuffed and paid around $21 each, all-in.


pizzeria napoletana

189 dante street, montreal, qc


side note, the dep across the street is making a KILLING on the whole byob thing.  i didn’t verify this myself but we suspect they mark-up their wine prices, harumph.


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