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ok so, for the record, i did not try the chinese food but instead had the smoked meat sandwich, which was made out of some far-too-thinly-sliced ham-tasting gross pink meat, which i suspect was prepared by gentiles.

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Keung Kee attempting to cash in on the PSY phenomenon?

Gangnam Style Hotpot

Heeeeeeeey sexy hot pot!

Keung Kee attempting to cash in on the PSY phenomenon?  …or just a Korean seafood hotpot?

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Food porn, courtesy of Carte Noire

Just a bit of food porn for your weekend:

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Pdc sugar shack

Ohhhhhhh yeah,




sooooooooo… yeah, this exists.  no, i didn’t try it, despite arguably being in a romantic relationship with food.

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A Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Story (2012)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

A routine gingerbread-making session takes a turn into an odd direction…

(and thank you for your support of this blog!)

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Christmas is saved!


Chinese restaurant got our order wrong! Family XMas dinner almost ruined! But lo, Lithuanian smoked pig’s head saveth the day!

it’s official: joe beef is bullshit

“Dave McMillan: On Hipsters Outside His Restaurant”

i’ve been saying it for quite some time.  joe beef and their ilk are leading a new breed of asshole, the food hipster.  they aren’t actually interested in good food, just interested in being a food hipster.  seriously, go to one of these places.  it’s overpriced bullshit and all you find is assholes dressed like they’re poor.  of course we’re talking about $50 meals eaten by people dressed like they’re poor.  it’s all about the idea of being into food as opposed to actually being into food.  concept over quality.

i mean they admit it themselves.  fastforward to 27:30 from the video below:

clams on a radio. clams. served on a physical radio. who the fuck cares. how much you think they charge for that? fuck this shit. FUCK IT.

so yeah, it’s official, joe beef is bullshit.

thanks to sean lahey for sharing the cultmontreal article on fb.

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HOWTO: eating a watermelon

i’ve been doing it wrong all this time!

also, this is precisely the kind of videos my dad would be making if he were a youtuber.

happy eating, watermelon students!

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Dimsum Banana

for some reason, there was a woman at dimsum in a full banana suit. unfortunately we didn’t get any action shots of her eating. these shots were taken after they finished their meal and she was on the pay phone, presumably calling her other fruit-attired friends.

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