pizzeria napoletana

after stuffing our faces with zeppole’s new and old, we looked around for food recommendations.  there was a group of folks milling outside of a nearby restaurant, which we just assumed were a group hanging out after having had an early dinner.  but we took a closer look.  and no, the group of about 40-or-so folks were waiting for a table.  80% on urbanspoon and my zeppole-companion bridget had been there before and had a fantastic meal.  sold.

Antipasto Salmone, $14-ish?

#41, Pizza Salumeria: mozzarella,champignon, sauce tomate, prosciutto, capicollo, saucisse italienne, piments rouges grillés, maybe $17?

#25, Pizza Genovese: pesto, dinde fumée, piments forts marinés, mozzarella, parmesan, tomates tranchées, maybe $14?

damn fine pizza.  worth the wait.  however, not mind-blowing, and bridget herself felt that this meal was not as good as the last time she ate here.  but look, they have 41 different kinds of pizza and a similarly numerous pasta selection so, you know.


the three of us were stuffed and paid around $21 each, all-in.


pizzeria napoletana

189 dante street, montreal, qc



side note, the dep across the street is making a KILLING on the whole byob thing.  i didn’t verify this myself but we suspect they mark-up their wine prices, harumph.


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2 thoughts on “pizzeria napoletana

  1. snad says:

    It used to be better, amazingly. But it’s still better than Cafe International.

  2. Tarushka says:

    Last time I ate there, in 2013, I got utterly sick from my pizza margarita and will never eat there again!

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