ok so, for the record, i did not try the chinese food but instead had the smoked meat sandwich, which was made out of some far-too-thinly-sliced ham-tasting gross pink meat, which i suspect was prepared by gentiles.

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Keung Kee attempting to cash in on the PSY phenomenon?

Gangnam Style Hotpot

Heeeeeeeey sexy hot pot!

Keung Kee attempting to cash in on the PSY phenomenon?  …or just a Korean seafood hotpot?

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Qing Hua Dumplings opening location on Ste Catherine and St Marc


It appears that a new Qing Hua will be opening up on Ste Catherine between St Marc and Towers where the old Croussanterie used to be. I had some difficulty communicating with the lady sweeping up the stoop but from what I understand it should be opening as early as next week. No word on whether the location on Lincoln will remain open or not.

This is definitely their best location in terms of street traffic etc but I worry that prices might go up as a result of the undoubtedly higher rent. Still unfortunately one of the only locations in Montreal to find soup dumplings and unfortunately although “good”, not “amazing”. Falls somewhere in the enh+ and “definitely doing again” spectrum.

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Pdc sugar shack

Ohhhhhhh yeah,




sooooooooo… yeah, this exists.  no, i didn’t try it, despite arguably being in a romantic relationship with food.

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A Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Story (2012)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

A routine gingerbread-making session takes a turn into an odd direction…

(and thank you for your support of this blog!)

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Christmas is saved!


Chinese restaurant got our order wrong! Family XMas dinner almost ruined! But lo, Lithuanian smoked pig’s head saveth the day!

best wedding dessert tray ever

what better ingredients to have at a wedding dessert tray than:

  • french fries
  • cheese curds
  • gravy

you figure out the math.

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